Founding year : 1996

Instigator :

Jean-François Desrosiers, President

Nadine Gaudreault, V-President


Bussiness type : Manufacturing equipment and custom tooling

Being a company in the manufacturing of equipment and tooling, we can meet customized needs.



Protomach is a manufacturing company specializing in the field of windows and other sectors. We have a special partnership with a German equipment supplier renowned international, URBAN Machinery. For over 13 years we work closely assisted by their development team and sales to meet the needs of our customers. Teamwork is essential in our field considering the determinants of the success of our direct or indirect customers. There is no doubt the quality of work designed by our team of specialists is the key to our success. In 2013, Machinerie GML is acquired by Protomach and become an integrant part of the company but keep in mind the view that make it a great success.

Vision = Innovation

Since 1996, the company maximizes its efforts on product innovation justified by our customers' need. 

Our expert team is aware of the expectations and strives to satisfy our customers It is through our self-manufacturing, supported by our specialized and experienced in machining, the products are of superior quality. 

The programming part is just as important as the overall design supported by the technical team (technician, customer service automation technologist, and programmer) that allows them autonomy from the demands of customers. 

Thus since 1996 that the team work allows the company to keep its image confidence that their loyal customers demonstrate their continuing year after year to buy quality products made in Canada.

GML Machinery

Founding year : 1984

GML Machinery builds machines that cut holes in metal garage doors and entrance doors. Our machines drill holes and rectangular overtures without pattern and oval forms with patterns. In 1975, M. Marcel Laquerre lead a garage door company and with the great experience acquired, he decide in 1984 to build machine machine to ease work. In 2013, M. Jean-François Desrosiers choose to acquired the company and add his expertise in windows and doors to the products to improve them for better customer satisfaction.



The Protomach Team